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Finally Achieve The Results You Want With Weekly Coaching & Accountability

Once you join Pocket Coaching, I'll send you a voice recording (AKA Pocket Coaching) every Monday, with an action plan for the week to follow and keep you on track.

With me coaching you every step of the way, you’ll feel like you shoved me in your pocket!

Meet Your Multi-Millionaire Coach… 

Hey I'm Shanda Sumpter – Successful biz coach, bestselling author, wife, and mom on a mission to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and achieve their dream lives as millionaires.

Powerful Coaching Without The Big Price Tag

In the past, I reserved Pocket Coaching exclusively for my most elite clients who happily paid $50k/year for it.

Because they recognized the power it had to shift their mindsets and think like a multi-millionaire.

But, after receiving a calling from God to help more entrepreneurs, I knew I had to share this powerful coaching with the public.

That's why today you can get access to Pocket Coaching for cheaper than most bibles!

One Of A Kind Coaching You Won’t Get Anywhere Else…

As far as I know, there’s nothing like Pocket Coaching anywhere else online where you can get weekly action plans and accountability from an multi-million dollar entrepreneur.

With me as your personal coach, I’ll show you exactly what to focus on, how to manage overwhelm, and the mindset you need to reach your financial goals.

See How Pocket Coaching Has Changed Entrepreneurs Lives

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